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single origin fair trade organic

The Depths

Rwanda Coffee

 100% Rwanda

Into the briney deep we set sail into the depths of the unknown. Sea dogs have stories, such as love, a dreadful bond. We have another that may match up some pieces of eight this time. We at Mutiny have found The Depths. With a wonderful Single Origin Rwanda bean at its heart, you can expect passion fruit, citrus and caramel notes. The organic beans are washed and roasted medium to create the perfect cup for either a hot or cold coffee. Now this may seem a little far fetched but we at Mutiny have heard from our office executive Koogs that he approves it for cold brew. Now if you know Koogs, he loves his cold brew, and needs it before he gets to work…. on the golf course. Koogs blames us for his bad golf games, but who’s your caddy Koogs? We can’t talk Birdie to you but we can supply some caffeine to get you on the course. Since golf is his game, Coffee is ours. Enjoy the Depths chilled or hot however you please, just don't end up enjoying the 19th hole like our guy Koogs does more often than he tells us.


limited edition

Ghost Ship

Bali/Rwanda Blend Coffee

50% Bali | 50% Rwanda

Sailors from all points east and west share stories of ghost ships. Legends who even to this day  continue to be sighted then again to only disappear leaving a memorable mark on those who swear they had seen it. This my mutinous friends is why we chose this moniker for our limited release Bali and Rwanda blend! With flavor notes of brown sugar, chocolate and citrus it too is sure to make a memorable experience that is something to be passed into myth. Most recently off the coast of the great Catalina Island our intern Rick swore he knew how to manage a jet ski. After too many Canon Ball shots we believed HIS stories and while we did recover him…. We never recovered our jet ski. Talk about legends…. So, if you are in the SoCal area and like to track down lost mythical objects be on the lookout for a ghost jet ski. You might save Ricks job!


limited edition


crows nest

light roast

Single Origin - Peru


The Crows Nest serves as the lookout point on any ship worth her salt. That's why we found it apt to name our Single Origin Peruvian light roast after our favorite part of the ship. After all, what better in the morning than to look out on the day drinking an approachable cup that gets you ready but won't drag you down. Best of all its organic and fair trade so like the warm trade-winds setting our course you too can feel good about this brew. It’s like Phil in shipping always used to say: “If it sets your clock you’ll be ready to dock”. We’re not really sure what that means but he’s always a little off in the mornings anyways.


medium roast

Single Origin - Honduras


Ship Wrect came to be after everyone around here at Mutiny had a little too much fun. While spending time locating beans in Honduras for our Medium Roast brew we might have ended up “lightly crashing” one or two ATV’s. This shipwreck as they call it caused us to use all our “Vacation Allotment” before we completed our mission. Good thing we found a magical treasure chest of “unpaid personal time” from our bestie Debbie in HR that got us out of hot water. Better news for you is hot water goes well with this Organic Fair Trade bean we sourced and helps make the perfect medium roast brew we could offer. Turns out you CAN'T get fired for using too much personal time BRAD…..At least not while we bribe Debbie with coffee.



Dark roast

Single Origin - Sumatra


Deep….Complex….Mysterious...We might be invoking the vision we see when we look out into the dark waters as we set sail or just describing the best buzzwords we found for our online dating profile we had Julio in Marketing write for us. Either way there's no better way to describe our Sumatran Organic Fair Trade Dark Roast. For those who enjoy the complexities a little extra roasting can bring we offer you something that we hope will intrigue you to the last sip and keep you coming back to discover something different each time. After all its being a little different and having that mysteriousness that sets the motion in the ocean wouldn't you agree? Also, we’re not really sure how dating apps work. We really only know how to make great coffee but whatever Julio types for us keeps em coming back up after dinner for a cup and that's a BIG win for us.

Cannon Ball


Single Origin -
Ethiopia, Costa Rica, Guatemala


Honestly the only thing we love better than explosions is watching a blast off the port side as we send a cannonball towards a target! That's why we named our flagship Espresso Cannon Ball. It’s the perfect ammunition we could find to arm yourself for anything the day throws at you. We blended Ethiopian, Costa Rican and Guatemalan beans to round out what we found to be the perfect roast. Capable of holding its own in drinks while also being robust enough as is to give you a shot in the morning. This roast will keep you at it! Seriously it's literally the only thing that keeps us from falling asleep in our safety director Mark’s meetings. We get it Mark but phrases like “minimum safe distance” and “you can't keep blowing things up in the stairwells” doesn't really resonate with us. We’ll blame it on the fact that we can't really hear after last Tuesday’s water cooler debacle.


The Plank


Single Origin

Ethiopia, Costa Rica, Guatemala


We’ve got a pretty crazy crew here at Mutiny and while we can always rely on Captain Nibley to rein everyone in when needed he’s gotta use his more level headed brigands to get it done. That's why we developed a perfect blend of Ethiopian, Costa Rican and Guatemalan beans without the punch you get from a caffeine shot! So if you fancy yourself a lover of amazing brews but don't need the kick to keep you zeroed in this is your main mast. You’ll find The Plank takes all of the complex flavors our single origin coffees produce and combines them to give you something with the ability to drink after 5PM and not stay up till the next week. Good news for us too because after the first week our interns are wired solid at 8am and that means our hiring manager Laura’s gotta get a good night's sleep to keep everyone in line on this ship.

Davy Jones Locker

Geisha Blend Coffee

Single Origin - Colombia, Geisha


The dark waters of the equator hide something unique ancient and remarkable. A story that has passed the lips of many a crew as a place to be both respected and revered. This is the legend of Davy Jones Locker. Or at least as close to it as told to us by Fernando in accounting. He once did that 7-day eastern Caribbean cruise where they take you to the shipwrecks and learn about this stuff so honestly who are we to question. He says tradition holds that sailors who have crossed the equator would undergo an initiation. One presided over others called shellbacks who had done it before them and passed the challenge. We here at Mutiny have our own initiation rites. One day it will probably get us all in BIG trouble and YES HR is literally scowling at me right now as I type this. ANYWAYS... we scoured the depths for a blend that could hold its own to this tale and have achieved something truly outstanding. With the combination of Geisha Washed and Colombian beans an incredible flavor profile was born. Think about strawberry, rose, honey and chocolate roasted almonds. Now who doesn’t like that?




Single Origin


Endor Moon is a stretch in any bilge tale around  a marooned shipmates campfire, but we saw it fitting quite well. We here at Mutiny wanted to make a special batch of coffee for year-round enjoyment but also support our fellow motorsport friends gathering in the Smoky Mountains on Rt 129. Choose your adventure we are told, but as always coffee first! This roast will get you going throughout the day to drive more and not be a bench warmer. The blend has a bright strawberry, kiwi start, and a smokey chocolate finish to make the perfect pair in our space nam certified line up. So, enjoy this coffee as you see fit. First gear guy gives it a “thumbs up” and Mitt Sump says its bird calling approved. That should be enough  for any shipmate to trust its good! This isnt a moon that’s just damn good coffee!

Premium Blend with Bali

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