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Cannonball - Espresso

Honestly the only thing we love better than explosions is watching a blast off the port side as we send a cannonball towards a target! That's why we named our flagship Espresso Cannon Ball. It’s the perfect ammunition we could find to arm yourself for anything the day throws at you. We blended Ethiopian, Costa Rican and Guatemalan beans to round out what we found to be the perfect roast. Capable of holding its own in drinks while also being robust enough as is to give you a shot in the morning. This roast will keep you at it! Seriously it's literally the only thing that keeps us from falling asleep in our safety director Mark’s meetings. We get it Mark but phrases like “minimum safe distance” and “you can't keep blowing things up in the stairwells” doesn't really resonate with us. We’ll blame it on the fact that we can't really hear after last Tuesday’s water cooler debacle.


1/2 pound or 5 pound resealable bag with air valve

Cannonball - Espresso

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