Davy Jones Locker

The dark waters of the equator hide something unique ancient and remarkable. A story that has passed the lips of many a crew as a place to be both respected and revered. This is the legend of Davy Jones Locker. Or at least as close to it as told to us by Fernando in accounting.
He once did that 7-day eastern Caribbean cruise where they take you to the shipwrecks and learn about this stuff so honestly who are we to question. He says tradition holds that sailors who have crossed the equator would undergo an initiation. One presided over others called shellbacks who had done it before them and passed the challenge. We here at Mutiny have our own initiation rites. One day it will probably get us all in BIG trouble and YES HR is literally scowling at me right now as I type this. ANYWAYS... we scoured the depths for a blend that could hold its own to this tale and have achieved something truly outstanding. With the combination of Geisha Washed and Colombian beans an incredible flavor profile was born. Think about strawberry, rose, honey and chocolate roasted almonds. Now who doesn’t like that?


Acidity: Moderate

Flavor Profile: Strawberry, Rose, Honey and Chocolate Roasted Almonds

Process: Washed


1/2 pound resealable bag with air valve

Davy Jones Locker