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Ghost Ship - Medium Roast

Sailors from all points east and west share stories of ghost ships. Legends who even to this day  continue to be sighted then again to only disappear leaving a memorable mark on those who swear they had seen it. This my mutinous friends is why we chose this moniker for our limited release Bali and Rwanda blend! With flavor notes of brown sugar, chocolate and citrus it too is sure to make a memorable experience that is something to be passed into myth. Most recently off the coast of the great Catalina Island our intern Rick swore he knew how to manage a jet ski. After too many Canonball shots we believed HIS stories and while we did recover him…. We never recovered our jet ski. Talk about legends…. So, if you are in the SoCal area and like to track down lost mythical objects

be on the lookout for a ghost jet ski. You might save Ricks job!


50% Bali | 50% Rwanda

Acidity: Moderate

Flavor Profile: Brown Sugar, Chocolate and Citrus

Process: Washed


1/2 pound resealable bag with air valve

Ghost Ship - Medium Roast

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