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Endor Moon

Endor Moon is a stretch in any bilge tale around  a marooned shipmates campfire, but we saw it fitting quite well. We here at Mutiny wanted to make a special batch of coffee for year-round enjoyment but also support our fellow motorsport friends gathering in the Smoky Mountains on Rt 129. Choose your adventure we are told, but as always coffee first! This roast will get you going throughout the day to drive more and not be a bench warmer. The blend has a bright strawberry, kiwi start, and a smokey chocolate finish to make the perfect pair in our space nam certified line up. So, enjoy this coffee as you see fit. First gear guy gives it a “thumbs up” and Mitt Sump says its bird calling approved. That should be enough  for any shipmate to trust its good! This isnt a moon that’s just damn good coffee!


Free Pickup at Wookies in the Woods (Please select the "Wookies in the woods" shipping option upon checkout)


Premium Blend with Bali


*A portion of proceeds go to Wookies in the Woods event *


1/2 pound resealable bag with air valve

Endor Moon

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