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Dark Water - Dark Roast

Deep….Complex….Mysterious...We might be invoking the vision we see when we look out into the dark waters as we set sail or just describing the best buzzwords we found for our online dating profile we had Julio in Marketing write for us. Either way there's no better way to describe our Sumatran Organic Fair Trade Dark Roast. For those who enjoy the complexities a little extra roasting can bring we offer you something that we hope will intrigue you to the last sip and keep you coming back to discover something different each time. After all its being a little different and having that mysteriousness that sets the motion in the ocean wouldn't you agree? Also, we’re not really sure how dating apps work. We really only know how to make great coffee but whatever Julio types for us keeps em coming back up after dinner for a cup and that's a BIG win for us.


1/2 pound or 5 pound resealable bag with air valve

Dark Water - Dark Roast

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