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Ship Wrect - Medium Roast

Ship Wrect came to be after everyone around here at Mutiny had a little too much fun. While spending time locating beans in Honduras for our Medium Roast brew we might have ended up “lightly crashing” one or two ATV’s. This shipwreck as they call it caused us to use all our “Vacation Allotment” before we completed our mission. Good thing we found a magical treasure chest of “unpaid personal time” from our bestie Debbie in HR that got us out of hot water. Better news for you is hot water goes well with this Organic Fair Trade bean we sourced and helps make the perfect medium roast brew we could offer. Turns out you CAN'T get fired for using too much personal time BRAD…..At least not while we bribe Debbie with coffee.


1/2 pound or 5 pound resealable bag with air valve

Ship Wrect - Medium Roast

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