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The Depths - Medium Roast

Into the briney deep we set sail into the depths of the unknown. Sea dogs have stories, such as love, a dreadful bond. We have another that may match up some pieces of eight this time. We at Mutiny have found The Depths. With a wonderful Single Origin Rwanda bean at its heart, you can expect passion fruit, citrus and caramel notes. The organic beans are washed and roasted medium to create the perfect cup for either a hot or cold coffee. Now this may seem a little far fetched but we at Mutiny have heard from our office executive Koogs that he approves it for cold brew. Now if you know Koogs, he loves his cold brew, and needs it before he gets to work…. on the golf course. Koogs blames us for his bad golf games, but who’s your caddy Koogs? We can’t talk Birdie to you but we can supply some caffeine to get you on the course. Since golf is his game, Coffee is ours. Enjoy the Depths chilled or hot however you please, just don't end up enjoying the 19th hole like our guy Koogs does more often than he tells us.


100% Rwanda

Acidity: Low

Flavor Profile: Passion Fruit, Citrus and Caramel

Process: Washed


1/2 pound resealable bag with air valve

The Depths - Medium Roast

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