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We didn’t come here to take any prisoners. When Mutiny says it’s on a mission to make you the best damned coffee you’ve ever had coupled with the highest principles and standards this industry has ever seen we don’t mean it lightly. We aim to offer the best beans we can find dialed in to the flavor profiles our crew loves all allocated in a way that cares for those who have a love for brewing something extra special. Our mission from day one has been a passionate adventure for coffee and good times. We know you’ve seen the bags and trust us the stories are wild! So, from our crew to yours consider this a shot across the bow to the other guys beans. Mutiny is here and we aint no landlubbers. We’re operating the way the pirates of old used to “No Prey, No Pay”!


single origin fair trade organic



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100% Rwandan Coffee

From the Deep



5 origins


Crows Nest

The Crows Nest serves as the lookout point on any ship worth her salt. That's why we found it apt to name our Single Origin Peruvian light roast after our favorite part of the ship. After all, what better in the morning than to look out on the day drinking an approachable cup that gets you ready but won't drag you down. Best of all its organic and fair trade so like the warm trade-winds setting our course you too can feel good about this brew. It’s like Phil in shipping always used to say: “If it sets your clock you’ll be ready to dock”. We’re not really sure what that means but he’s always a little off in the mornings anyways.

Image by Mike Kenneally

Mutiny Coffee is

now available at

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Spirit Water

3300 Three Oaks Road, Cary, IL 60013

the plank

We’ve got a pretty crazy crew here at Mutiny and while we can always rely on Captain Nibley to rein everyone in when needed he’s gotta use his more level headed brigands to get it done. That's why we developed a perfect blend of Ethiopian, Costa Rican and Guatemalan beans without the punch you get from a caffeine shot! So if you fancy yourself a lover of amazing brews but don't need the kick to keep you zeroed in this is your main mast. You’ll find The Plank takes all of the complex flavors our single origin coffees produce and combines them to give you something with the ability to drink after 5PM and not stay up till the next week. Good news for us too because after the first week our interns are wired solid at 8am and that means our hiring manager Laura’s gotta get a good night's sleep to keep everyone in line on this ship.

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